COVID: I call it the new MRSA

Source: I googled random photos of people wearing masks in 2020

I have been so fatigued over the entire COVID news – the way it has shaped our “new world”. This is the way it is now. Until it becomes so like the influenza flu with its flu vaccine.

Before you judge me, my only contribution to this opinion is my nursing background. I don’t have an extreme need to know everything, which, I admit can be a good thing. So therefore I only know as the rest of what the nurses probably know in hospital.

In the province I live in, basically anyone who has MRSA or methicillin resistent staphylococcus aureus is forever tagged as MRSA. Whether you have no symptoms or if you are healthy, you can have it. Like on your skin, ie. your nose.

People get swabbed all the time for MRSA, whenever you get admitted into the hospital. Except the swab is not as invasive compared to the swab of COVID or influenza. It’s part of our hospital protocol. No one knows about it. Unless you’re what we call a “frequent flyer” chances are you probably don’t know what I’m talking about. Now MRSA is pratically everywhere, you can pick it up on the train, in a bar, in any public place, a public bathroom, in a different contry etc. It lives on your skin – staphylococcus aureus. Unless you get really ill and go through infection where MRSA gets into a wound then your staph aureus is probably just a regular kind. MRSA is resistant to the specific antibiotics that’s why whenever someone has MRSA, the nurses freak out, gown and glove in the hospital and put you in a specific spot with a PPE stash next to your room. It’s for the everyone’s good – because we don’t want to transfer it to anyone else if possible. Especially since the hospital is crawling with very fragile elderly who just get sick fast. We don’t need the additional MRSA being transferred all over the place. Some people will carry MRSA and not get sick.

Source: again Google

When you get sick with MRSA sometimes you need to be on antibiotics sometimes super harsh ones for a long period of time in order to get better – that’s why the hospital is strict and trying to protect other patients from your MRSA.

COVID is basically that except it constitutes you having some kind of travel, maybe a fever, or a combination of super dry cough (hence the masks) and loss of sense of smell or taste as prerequisites to get swabbed, plus some kind of exposure.

Because we don’t know much information about it. COVID is basically tagged as MRSA now. Until we know for sure it doesn’t live up in your entire respiratory system then you get swabbed or masks comes in. This is what I call COVID now – the “new MRSA”. When I have to assess my patient before taking them into the operating room, I have to ask him if they have all that symptoms.

I’m just waiting for the second wave to get it over with. I want to be able to live normally again like how I lived with MRSA. To co-exist it with COVID the way I co-existed with the MRSA level and the influenza virus.

I do hate that so many people have died from it – but what can we really do until we have herd immunity. Everyone is bound to somehow get it and until we get it into our system then its gonna be distance with everything for a long time – like for the next 2 years, maybe even 3-4??

For as long as humans and social gatherings are around COVID will find its way around like MRSA does — how long will that go on for? I miss being able to hug people. This new MRSA is creating a whole entire generations of people not being able to socialize..

My reason for calling in the MRSA instead of the flu is because not everyone has symptoms. I find with the flu – you get the vaccine but you still get sick anyway.. I got sick even when I get the flu shot last year. It doesn’t always work just because there are so many strains and if you breathe it in enough or you touched something and then ate or kissed someone, maybe hug, shared food together you still pretty much get it. There have been people who have had COVID constantly and tested positive but then no symptoms. So I call it the new MRSA.

So how long will really this go on until we coexist with COVID like MRSA. hmm I don’t know. I could be just rambling right now and could totally be wrong. Really.

I miss being able to walk into any coffee shops and just sit in peace with my coffee to drink it. The freedom to sit in restaurant or a coffee shop without being pestered or to care what’s around you.

I don’t know if we will get it back and if we do, I don’t think its anytime soon.

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