It’s too late now..

It’s too late now… I have officially wasted a night of being awake. I don’t know why on earth am I awake for a long time. This is the curse of having 3 days off. And the worst part is I have work in a few hours. Let me enlighten you. For some people, like me who have an a more anxious personality, I can’t sleep if I’m not physically tired. Why? Don’t know. Genetics?? I blame everything on genetics. It’s just how it is. What am I anxious about. Nothing. I have zero reasons to be anxious about. Maybe going back to work. And having to socialize with people. Yeah sometimes that causes me to feel antsy. I like to think I’m not socially awkward but I sometimes feel that way. You know, when you overthink things.

I’ve been told I am fine when I don’t overthink things. But who isn’t. Now I’m rambling. So I’m in bed. Next to my boyfriend who’s snoring away. How does he do that?? How can he sleep so well. I envy that ability. I got up earlier and made tea. That didn’t happen. I blame Instagram. I woke up from a nap and got sucked into it. Might I add. I ended up shopping for clothes. Then I thought of Mexico. I am looking forward to this trip with the girls.

Then I got sucked into looking into more apps like Amazon. I swear. Back in high school. In 2009, in those days. No one had apps to look at. Because all we had was unlimited texting. You texted or talked to someone so late at night or you slept. Well some partied but I was a more indoor person. And now we have these apps. That suck what’s supposed to be our sleeping hours. It’s the death of the millennials. You know it’s true. Apps that make you want the things you really don’t need in life. Because you find it pretty. Materials we used to never care too much for. Those days will never be brought back and it is because of our selfish desires. And we know it. This reminds me of that time my mother went a little insane when our internet got cut off. And I was completely fine. She was cut off from the Facebook world and boy did she have a fit.

Oh Stupid apps.

I think. Now humour me. The internet should shut down to local people from 8 pm. I mean it. Maybe not for industries like a hospital because that shouldn’t happen or for the million corporations out there. But for local people it should shut down! To give us all a break. To let us be humans and recooperate from the stress this world already brings. Then maybe maybe we’ll be back to normal and kinder human beings. Remove access to this damn cyber world from 8 pm until 6 am. Now that’s a great idea.

And okay if there is a disaster then keep the TV and the world news so we can escape for whatever God has planned. But for us who need sleep. Take it away. I beg of you.

I have now 45 mins left of this freedom before I get up to make coffee.

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