Getting bored fr. social media

It is official. I think I am actually getting bored of social media. Finally. From Facebook to Instagram. The excitement has died down I think. I have been waiting for it to die down. I am actually lazy to scroll through the endless pages of instagram. It is not the same as it was before – a very obvious statement, I know.

It is more tedious to scroll through the millions of pages. It might probably be because of the random people I follow (mainly, celebrities with their lives oh so far away and different from the norms). Or, it could be the meaning of maturity, the craving of peace and not caring much of what others have been up to. Or, maybe because there is no human connection anymore. A scroll is what it is, just a scroll. No feeling no human contact, no smile, no connection whatsoever. A screen, just a bright screen with colours of images.

There is no question. We do not strive for human connection anymore as we had exercised before. We do not bother for the “inconvenience” of going outside to “meet” people because we can simply search on an engine readily available with our fingers.

I feel like a noticed we have all just not cared anymore. It is inevitable with the amount of total screen time we have managed to accumulate on a daily basis. Maybe, just maybe we aren’t that far of those movies they make. Where we sit in cubicles most of the time. or Half of the world does anyway. Isolated by walls with nothing but a screen.

Or am I simply just complaining now because I am doing yet, another night shift. Out of 4. This is the last one. Just the darkness of winter hugging over the city and me doing night shifts in the operating room. Someone called in sick. I hope there will be no cases tonight or I will be working my ass off endlessly.

But in all seriousness, I got sidetracked here. I don’t think we are far from the movies we’ve created. I mean kids nowadays do use everything with technology. I remember those days we had in high school. Where there was a computer room for lunch and barely any people in it playing those games, mostly the geeky guys. Now that’s all you ever see. I wonder if there are still kids that hang out in the hallways and actually make conversations. I am sure there is, but we are definitely moving towards such a different era.

Oh these nights shifts are killing me. I don’t go out much during these shifts because well, it’s raining outside, I am not really sure what to do. Groceries are still full. There are left overs. Bills have been paid. Families at work or sleeping away. What else to do. The TV I guess.

Oh, I did get impulsive today and I bought a 23andme ancestry kit off of amazon. I guess i shall look forward to that.

Alright, that was enough to get my mindless thinking get going. I should go check mail and get back to Will&Grace or Jack Ryan…

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